Heaven or Hell?

Paris is definitely a magical city. I'm not just talking about the famous Eiffel Tower or glorious gothic Notre Dame... It is the soul of the city that captures you when you first begin to feel the city. You might encounter a Rodin sculpture while you're walking in a park or wandering in the Latin Quartier. In a rainy and misty day, you can hangaround the Seine River, watching couples kissing and hugging each otherç It is true that when you enter the city, you can feel love, compassion and passion. Along with their crepes, baguettes and wines, this city attracts all of your senses.

On the other hand, there is "Paris syndrome." In which people visiting or vacationing to Paris, experience a psychological disorder as a result of extreme shock resulting from their finding out that Paris is not what they had expected it to be. One of the causes is the idealization of Paris as the land of dreams, beauty, culture and romance. Instead they find an unclean, disorganized and noisy city... So which one is your Paris?

What I love about Paris:

What I hate about Paris:

  1. Precise dining hours
  2. Rush hour metro
  3. Expensive living conditions
  4. Paperwork and French bureaucracy
  5. Always a greve somewhere

A little historical information:

Year Incident Link
52 BC Lutetia
1789 French
1944 French

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